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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kenya: A Full Day of Safari

While at Masai Mara, we have a morning safari and a late afternoon safari. Today we decided to have a longer morning safari and to have a picnic lunch out on the safari!

We saw these balloons this morning and we were excited because it's what we are doing tomorrow if the weather allows.

This Cheetah had a kill up in the tree. There was a younger cheetah at the base of the tree that we did not get a good look at.

Our picnic lunch was delicious served on a blanket spread on the hood of our safari vehicle. I thought these eggs were interesting as they were orange with a white center. 

 When Cheetahs move in the grass they are very well camouflaged.

 This set of cheetahs passed right in front of our vehicle without stopping. We were told that as long as we are in the vehicle, we become part of the vehicle. If we stepped outside of the vehicle we would become prey.

We stopped at this Hippo pond where Crocodiles were also present.   Danny scared me half to death by climbing out on this log to get a better look. Hippos are extremely dangerous and we kept a respectable distance from them.

One of these little innocent looking fellows jumped over my shoulder from a tree, bounded onto the table while my head was down praying, and snitched a roll off of the table at dinner!!

 We were surprised to see a tiny little Dik Dik camouflaged in the grass!

At dinner we were treated to a traditional Massai dance. They jump really really high!

 This Eland was orphaned and the hotel took it in and raised it. It comes back to visit often and is very tame.

 It was a full day of safari and we were exhausted when we returned back to the hotel. While we were at dinner, our mosquito netting was pulled around our beds and we could hear the hippos outside in the water below our tent.  Sleep should come quickly. Until tomorrow....

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