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Friday, February 19, 2016

Kenya: Walks, animals and lakes

This morning we met at 6:30 for a light snack breakfast as we wanted time for a longer hike.

We hiked across their property and up the hill behind their house to where we could see the entire lake and then down through their neighbors property and back to the house. 

By the time we finished we had walked about 3 miles through rough trail. 

Actually it wasn't as much a trail as a "we usually walk this way" or "should we walk that way" kind of hike. It was wonderful. 

We still didn't see many animals so we planned for a drive later in the day in hopes of seeing some. 

Vance and Cherry have had giraffe at their house and we only caught a glimpse of one that was wandering away from the house. We snacked on some fruit and Cherry made us some cold coffees before we went back to the guest house to get ready for the day. I love to sit on the porch of their house and watch the monkeys that come into the yard. Apparently they can make a nuisance of themselves and Vance shoots little rocks with a slingshot when they get out of hand. 

They are particularly attracted to the bird feeder that sits on the ground for the tiny finches. The seed is so small that the monkeys can't pick it up so they lick it out. That is very annoying to Vance so he discourages them from getting on the porch.  For lunch we ate chicken curry over rice with all kinds of things to add to it. We had bananas, pineapple, unsweetened coconut, chopped peanuts,raisins and mango. Cherry has spoiled us with her delicious food! 

We had a short rest time before we piled in the car to go and find some animals.

It had been sprinkling so we didn't know what we would actually see but we were rewarded with a lot of animals! We saw Zebras, Giraffes, Warthogs, Thompsons Gazelles, Impala, Eland, and Gnus. The Warthogs are so funny because when they run away they put their skinny long tails up in the air and it looks sooo prissy!! 

All the animals will stop and look at you but if you move toward them they run away to a safe distance. These are not animals that are friendly with humans. 

 We also drove to Crater Lake and the hotel there.

We went up to the viewpoint that looked down into Crater Lake. Cherry said that the trees we were looking down on are usually full of Collobus monkeys but today there were none. It had rained a little and we wondered if that was why. We drove over to the hotel to take a look. Vance and Cherry are friends with the restaurant manager at the hotel. We found a tree full of Collobus monkeys and stopped to laugh at the antics of two little babies in the tree. We took a look at the "rooms" which were actually tents on platforms with a thatched roof above them. Inside were furnishings like you would find in a nice hotel room. The "honeymoon cottage" actually had a large jacuzzi tub in it! I have never seen hotel rooms that looked like these and I imagine it is similar to what we call "glamping" in the U.S.. It was after dark when we returned home and we helped Cherry pull together our evening meal. We had Roasted Butternut Squash soup, which was delicious, and the rest of the cheese and bacon spread on toast. We also had the rest of the broccoli salad, another favorite! It has been another wonderful and peaceful day at Pa Amani. Until tomorrow....

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