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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kenya: Ministry and Giraffe Baby

Today we had a morning event to attend but Vance really wanted to get in his 2 mile morning walk. We agreed to meet him at 6:45 for the walk. My legs were sore today after climbing uphill yesterday, but I decided that it was a good idea to do the walk and stretch them out. Cherry decided to stay home and cook breakfast for us so it would be ready when we got back.

We walked out along the stone wall and onto the road. As we approached the fence that contains the neighbor's cows we realized there was a giraffe inside the fence! He stood still for quite awhile watching us. We walked on just a bit and saw three more giraffe just outside the fence! We couldn't believe they were there and so close to the road.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. As we walked down the road, to our left we saw another giraffe and next to her was a tiny baby giraffe. The tiny giraffe's legs were so wobbly that Vance said it probably was less than a day old and even more probable may have been born during the night. Because the baby was so wobbly, they stayed in that one area for quite awhile. We stood and watched for a good bit before we moved on with our walk. We were so sad that Cherry didn't get to see the baby. After we returned from our walk Cherry had breakfast ready for us. We have been eating our breakfast and lunch out on the porch which makes me wish for a porch with limited mosquitoes and cool breezes. We ate breakfast, showered and changed in time to leave for our event.

We drove to the village called Central to meet with Josphat. He runs a center for Agricultural Environmental Education. He has added rooms onto his home to make a conference center for these events.

Today we had asked if there would be interest in a Christian Business Ethics forum that Danny would present like he has done in Macedonia with Kyle. Josphat put the word out and had 20 men and women attend that were business owners or who worked in business situations. There were 5-6 different tribes represented and not everyone knew each other.

Cherry introduced us and we went around the room and each person told who they were and how they were involved in business. Some of the roles were farmers, a tailor, a hardware store owner, pastors, motorcycle taxi operators, animal keepers and teachers. It was a diverse group. They all listened attentively and took notes. We stopped for tea and questions in the middle of the presentation. 

During tea time, Danny and I went to the bathroom. The bathroom is basically an outhouse but is located inside the home and the ladies side has a nice toilet seat on it. Danny went out of the men's urinal stall and locked the main door after him which effectively locked me in the bathroom. As I stood there trying to figure out what to do, I heard Cherry and Vance come into the building.  I knocked on the door and called out to them and they let me out of the bathroom, laughing at Danny's mistake. Of course we had to tell the story to the whole group once we met back in the seminar.  

The seminar was well received and after answering a few more questions, Everyone gathered in the dining area for a meal.

The meal was prepared by Jophat's wife, Tabitha. She made bread, lamb in a sauce, cooked cabbage, cilantro and carrot and a mix of Irish potatoes, corn and pumpkin leaves. I know that last dish sounds weird but it really just tasted like potatoes and corn. The pumpkin leaves gave it a green color and I'm sure some vitamins. Tabitha had some help in the kitchen but we were still amazed that she managed to feed so many people.

After we ate, we followed Alice and her husband Blessed to their brand new home to see it finished. They built their home in 2 months out of cement bricks they made themselves. Their home has two rooms, a living area and kitchen/sleeping area. They also have a storage area for the hardware store that they own in front of their home. They plan to make three more rooms to rent out which would give them additional income. Alice owns a school for three year olds and has about 30 students at the moment. She operates out of a church and is waiting for God to provided the money to build a building for the school as she can no longer maintain the school in the church. She is confident that God will provide what she needs so she waits. They are a precious couple and we enjoyed seeing their new home. Danny made friends with some of the children that were milling around. They run up to you and wave. In English they call out  "how are you?" as a greeting instead of "hello". Vance said they are taught that in school.

After we returned to the house, Vance was able to get the motor going on their boat. It hadn't been cranked in over a year. We loaded the boat into the lake and went in search of hippos. You have to stay a good distance away from them as they are quite dangerous. We found quite a few and watched them bob up and down in the water. They spout water when they breathe which was a dead giveaway as to their location. 

We took a little stroll after our boat ride and watched the sun set behind the mountains. As we arrived back home the power went out which was okay as we had a sandwich supper planned. We visited over dinner and now are back in our room relaxing before bed. Tomorrow is Sunday and we will have church here in the morning. Until tomorrow...



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