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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kenya: Rest Day at Pa Amani

Vance and Cherry are early risers and I mean very early. Vance gets up at 4:30 in the Morning and Cherry at 5:30. We are not early risers so we just met them at 7 for their morning walk of 2 miles.

We walked on their property and on the open plain. We saw Thompsons Gazelles "tommies" and Impala on this walk. The views of the Acacia trees across the plain are just gorgeous. 

breakfast on the porch!

After their usual morning walk, they have breakfast on the porch. I am learning that necessity breeds invention here for Cherry. She buys milk from a local dairy and pasteurizes it herself. She reserves the cream to make her own butter. She makes her own ice cream. She makes her own bread.  

She grows and harvests most of the vegetables they eat.  She grows delicious strawberries!! She makes her own cheese. The cheese she makes is like a ricotta cheese and she scrambles eggs to put on top of it. She has bees on her property and one of the men who works for them harvests the honey for her. It is delicious on her bread.  

Our beautifully quaint little guest house steps away from the main house

pesky monkeys in the yard!

After breakfast we shower and change. We have visited so much that our morning dragged on a little late. Danny and I spent some time on the porch outside of the guest house which was the perfect time for me to run around taking pictures of the butterflies on Cherry's beautiful flowers.

Lake Naivasha just past the perimeter wall of the yard

For lunch we ate a filet roast, rice, and yummy broccoli salad and a cheese and bacon spread melted on toast. After lunch and a brief rest time, Danny joined Vance on the porch of the guest house for a bible study with some local men. Cherry and I spent the time visiting and catching up on family news. 
long afternoon shadows on our evening walk

Every evening they also have a 2 mile walk and this time we walked along the lake edge being careful to watch for hippos. Thankfully we didn't see any. They can be quite dangerous if you encounter them. Dinner is usually a light meal served early. We had a salad with vegetables from Cherry's garden and some of the leftover roast served on top. After dinner we went back to the guest house to catch up on our sleep. It has been a wonderful day at home with the Kirkpatricks with more of these days to follow. Until tomorrow..



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