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Monday, September 17, 2012

Brooks Hotel: Dublin, Ireland

The parking is expected, but the garage is located directly across the street

The front desk

The front lobby

Breakfast Room

the brown bread that mom really liked

the recipe for the brown bread

my favorite
Our beautiful Junior Suite...upgraded free of charge

still and sparkling water at no additional charge

the pillow menu....just in case you aren't satisfied with the pillows on your bed

the safe, coffee/tea service, an iron and ironing board

the refrigerator is empty...perfect for chilling your own beverages

a large bathroom with TWO sinks!

the shower with lots of hot water, a towel warmer (that really worked), and a tub with TV in the wall

I loved these amenites
We are staying at the Brooks Hotel on Drury Street here in Dublin, Ireland. This is a lovely hotel and became even more lovely when they upgraded both of our rooms at no extra cost to Junior Suites! I don't know what a regular room looks like, but these are fantastic!! We have towel warmers in the bathrooms and a little terrace balcony with a table and chairs. There is even a "pillow menu" to select a different pillow if you don't like the (2 each) down pillows they have already given you! Breakfast was delicious! There is a very well presented continental breakfast with cereals, pastries, fruit, etc. There is also a hot menu to order from, but we didn't take advantage of that. Breakfast was included in our rate, so we didn't eat breakfast anywhere else. This hotel is pretty swanky and way more than we are accustomed to, but fun to enjoy. They turned the beds down tonight and gave us a mint chocolate on our pillow....swoon.

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