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Friday, September 14, 2012

Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is a very metropolitan city

Kilt or no kilt?

a bagpiper practices behind a fence for the big celebration in George Square

George Square

Pizza delivery

Glasgow Cathedral undergoing renovation

Inside The Necropolis

Inside The Necropolis with the Cathedral in the background

Outside the Cathedral...I'm a sucker for gargoyles

Inside the Cathedral

Organ pipes on the side walls

Beautiful stained glass

Provand's Lordship...the oldest house in Glasgow

also a sucker for stained glass

Looking out the window on the gardens

Not original furniture, but period correct

This is the actual size of the back door

back of Provand's Lordships

Postbox on the street

walking back towards George Square. The street is blocked off for the celebration

The athletes aren't here yet, but the crowds are pouring in with anticipation

Glasgow's version of street performer. This guy was taking tips, but he played really well. A "true Scotsman" doesn't wear anything under his kilt but skin. No kidding! Wonder what kind of Scotsman this guy is?
Our arrival day was our only day to explore the city of Glasgow and there was no way we were going to let our luggage issues stop us. There was the small issue that I was the only one carrying an umbrella in my backpack (imagine that) so I was the only one with rain gear and it was threatening. Also Danny and mom were the only ones with jackets since Dad and I packed ours because we would just "pull it out if we needed it when we got to the hotel". Well Dad needed it and didn't have it, but while we were exploring, we found a great lambs wool pullover sweater on sale that fixed him up just fine and mom put a hat on her head in case it rained. Our hotel is located in the city center, but we were about a mile and a half from the Glasgow Cathedral in the old part of the city. We grabbed a quick panini lunch and set out walking.  The temps today were pleasant, in the 60's I guess, but with the occasional misty rain, it felt much cooler. We heard bagpipes and were really surprised to see a crowd gathering in George Square for a big celebration. Danny asked around and today was the day that the Scottish Olympians and Paralympians were being honored. They would parade through town and end up in George Square for the big celebration. Our time today was limited and although we would have liked to stay, we needed to make good use of our time. We walked on to Glasgow Cathedral which was built during the 13th to 15th centuries and is the oldest building in Glasgow and the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to have survived the 1560 reformation mostly complete. The current congregation is part of the Church of Scotland's Presbytery of Glasgow. Located next to the Cathedral is The Necropolis. This Victorian cemetery has 50,000 people buried in it! It was threatening rain and I'm not sure that anyone else really enjoys moseying through cemeteries as much as I do, so we didn't stay long. There was a memorial to stillborn children just inside the entrance that I read and should have taken a picture of but for some reason I did not and now regret it.  It was very moving. Located near the city is the oldest house of Glasgow known as Provand's Lordship. It was built in 1471 as part of St. Nicholas's hospital by the Bishop of the time. Today it is a medieval period historic house museum. That was enough walking to fill up our afternoon and we were REALLY going against the throngs of people turning out for the parade and celebration as we went back to our hotel. Jet lag is setting in and we had a nice Italian meal at Operetta across the street. Off to bed now with a Scottish Highlands tour to look forward to tomorrow! Until then...

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