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Friday, August 30, 2013

Sapphire Princess Alaskan Cruise: Prince William Sound and College Fjord

tonights dinner menu

Eggplant and Basmati Rice Timbale

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Filet of Beef Medallions

Dessert Menu

Warm Citrus Fruit Souffle

Yummy little goodies because we had coffee

Danny and our waiter team, Vasko on the Danny's left and Svetozar on Danny's right

floating ice as we near the glaciers

Yale Glacier?

Bryn Mawr Glacier, Smith Glacier, and the Harvard Glacier

the Harvard Glacier

Smith Glacier

Bryn Mawr Glacier

I think this is the Wellesley Glacier

Vassar Glacier

Danny's Pop Choir Event

The International Cafe...our evening coffee and treat spot

always something yummy in the case and free!

balloons flying at the late crew entertainment show
Today is our last day on the ship. Tomorrow we will leave the ship in Whittier. Danny had planned to get up early and go to the workout room. When he opened his eyes and our bed was rocking to and fro, he changed his mind. Mom had also noticed the ship was rocking in her room and took her Dramamine right away. Thankfully noone got sick on this sea day. We weren’t scheduled to enter Prince William Sound and College Fjord until late in the afternoon. We ate breakfast in the buffet again and went to a cooking demonstration and tour of the kitchen for the main dining room (the International). This was very interesting and we were amazed at all the stainless steel in the kitchen. Everything was clean and shiny and there were people already setting up for lunch and preparing lunch entrees. We went back to our rooms after the tour so we could finish our packing. We had signed up for our bags to be sent on to the airline and be checked in so that we didn’t have to fool with them in Anchorage. We would have to put our bags out in the hall at 8 p.m. so they could be picked up. Because of this, we had brought an extra small bag so we would have something to carry what we needed for the next day. Danny had another Pop Choir rehearsal at lunchtime so I decided to go to the dining room for lunch. Mom and Dad thought they wanted to go to the buffet but changed their mind and ate at the coffee shop. The coffee shop has paninis! Danny ate in the buffet after his rehearsal. We went to the Naturalist lecture at 2:00. I’m not sure we heard a whole lot of what she said, because we were all having trouble staying awake. We really should have just taken naps! We relaxed on our balconies for the afternoon as we moved through Prince William Sound. We watched for whales and saw a few sea otters float by. We were so high up on our balconies that the otters looked really really small. We had dinner at 5:30 so we missed the early part of College Fjord. That is the only disadvantage we saw to having assigned dining. We really enjoyed dining at the same table and the same time every night. We got to know our waiters and they learned our likes and dislikes. We returned to our rooms after dinner so we could see the glaciers in College Fjord and to put our suitcases outside of our doors. The glaciers are all named after the alma maters of the naturalists and scientists that first explored College Fjord. After it was too dark to see anymore, we went to the last evening show. It was a magician and we tried our best to figure out his tricks, but to no avail! We went to the coffee shop as has become our custom, for a late night coffee and treat. While we were there, the Pop Choir that Danny had been practicing with gave their performance. They did a good job for people who didn’t know each other before this cruise. He said it was a fun thing to do. We had one more show to see before bedtime. The staff had a show to put on at 10 p.m. and it started our pretty fun with balloons being batted all around. The show was a variety show starring some of the crew that was very entertaining. We are going to bed tonight completely saturated with Alaska, but not ready for that late night red eye flight home tomorrow from Anchorage.

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