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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sapphire Princess Alaskan Cruise: Sea Day

A drizzly day at sea

Formal night dinner menu (left side)

and the right side of the menu

Beef Tenderloin...not pictured is the French Onion Soup which was delicious

Chicken Breast with wild mushrooms and root vegetables

The Love Boat Dream

a little plate of goodies for the table

Entertainment show for the evening

we found Team Rootberry in the Piazza after dinner

The Piazza elevator shaft

The Princess Patter for the next day is in our "mailbox" every night. It tells us what activities are available the next day. I also had balloons and a happy birthday sign on my door!
We went to sleep last night with a view of mountains across the water. Today there was only water....all day long, and choppy water!  We ate breakfast in the buffet and listened to a lecture on Alaskan Wildlife from Sandra Schempp, the Naturalist on board. It was very informative and she gave us some specific times to be up on deck to look for whales and other wildlife during the trip. This ship has a feature called MUTS (movies under the stars) which is a giant screen located in the pool area. You can watch a movie while in the pool or from one of the lounge chairs located in the area. In the evening, they provide you with popcorn and a blanket. Actually, you can get the blanket at any point of the day. Dad wanted to watch a documentary that was playing during the day, but it was drizzling and the sound was turned down so much that he couldn’t hear it. We were surprised that there were people sitting out there in the drizzle. Danny went to a Pop Choir practice to see what it was about. There were about 20 people who showed up and they are going to give us a mini concert on Friday evening. It should be fun! We ate lunch in the buffet as well and it was good with a lot of variety. Danny went to a presentation on the Go Pro video camera and said it was really good. While Danny was gone, I walked the perimeter of deck 7 for a little exercise. Three times around make a mile. Mom and Dad walked it too, but I didn’t see them. We met up again in the afternoon for another lecture by the Naturalist, this one concentrated on the inhabitants of the coastal waters. We went back to our rooms to rest and prepare for dinner as it was formal night tonight. Unfortunately for mom, the boat has been rockin’ and rollin’ today and she got sick right before dinner and couldn’t go to dinner with us. I have been thankful for my Scopolamine patch today! I get motion sickness sitting in a car when it’s not moving! Every cruise I have been on, my Scopolamine patches have come with me and I’ve never been seasick. We had a nice time at dinner and really enjoyed our meal. After dinner, we checked on mom and found her feeling much better. We all went to the evening production show called, Do You Wanna Dance. For the most part, it was pretty entertaining. We saw Team Rootberry, two guys who juggle, last night and they were doing a short show in the Piazza after we saw the evening entertainment show. We stopped to watch them and then we got a snack and coffee at the coffeeshop before heading back to our rooms. We are setting our clocks back one hour tonight and tomorrow we will arrive in Ketchikan.

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