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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Spindrift Inn

The Spindrift Inn at Monterey

the front lobby

looking down to the lobby from our floor

that giant mound in the middle of the bed is a feather bed!

enjoyed this wood burning fireplace

view from the windowseat

window open and view to the right

window open and view to the left

breakfast served to our room

generous breakfast for two
I enjoy staying at boutique hotels whenever possible simply because they are usually charming and offer a unique experience. Since we were staying at towns along the coast, I knew that this would present a great opportunity to do just that. Unfortunately, I didn't count on the fact that so many of the hotels in the area of California where we were are pet friendly. This wouldn't be a problem except that Danny is very allergic to cats and dogs and sleeping in a pet friendly hotel would make for a miserable vacation for him. Despite this fact, I was still able to find a few that were not pet friendly and looked like interesting places to stay. The Spindrift Inn was our first gem! This hotel doesn't look like much from the outside, but on the inside it is ADORABLE!!! We arrived in the evening and our room was all ready and waiting for us. The first thing we saw was the beautiful king size bed with a GIANT mound in the middle of it. This was the feather bed and for me it was very comfortable. Danny said it was soft, but he likes a really firm bed. There was a wood burning fireplace and since it was chilly outside, we started a fire and shared some wine and cheese that we brought up from the lobby reception. After dinner, we enjoyed another fire. Unfortunately, when we went to bed, we turned off the gas and in doing so, the wood stopped burning and began to smoke. We didn't realize the smoke problem until it awakened us in our sleep and Danny had to turn the gas back on to burn it up. The windows opened out without screens on the bay below. We were right on the beach! We could hear the waves lapping and the seagulls calling. It was very peaceful. This hotel includes a continental breakfast served in your room at a time that you specify in the morning. We were given a checklist to hang on our door by midnight and our breakfast arrived right on time the next morning. This was a wonderful experience and we would recommend this hotel to everyone!

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