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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Two New York City: Morning

The street to the right of our hotel. This was the direction we walked every morning.

Solution for a small parking lot....go UP

Columbus Circle

I'm also a sucker for clocks

Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle

Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center, a favorite of mine

macarons and other yumminess

Some of the treats available. I can vouch for the Pecan Sticky Bun from another trip...divine

my favorite scone of all time, bacon and cheese with a chocolate macaron. The other is a Chocolate COVERED chocolate macaron. How could I say no to that?

The bathroom at the Time Warner Center has CNN in the mirror!!!

Axelle, Reagan and Laurel

A Waffles and Dinges truck. We were too stuffed to try it, but I will one day.

I absolutely adore the mosaic animals lining the walls at the Museum of Natural History subway stop

love how the body and tail go out onto the floor

Walking toward the Museum of Natural History

Reagan and "Rexie" of Night at the Museum movie fame. He says Rexie is smaller than he thought it would be.

Central Park

I have no idea why the lake is sooooo green

beautiful Bow Bridge, one of my favorite things about Central Park

crossing Bow Bridge

Axelle, Laurel, Travis, me and Reagan hanging out on Bow Bridge

Christy, Axelle, Laurel, Travis and Reagan

Loeb's Boathouse, a yummy place to eat

One day I'm going to take a carriage ride in Central Park

Bethesda Fountain

Making a wish and throwing in a coin


I'm not sure if these benches are purchased or sponsored, but we really enjoyed reading the plaques that were placed upon many of them.

what a wonderful memorial


Strawberry Fields...a memorial to John Lennon

Crossing the street to the Upper West Side

The house where John Lennon was shot

walking on the Upper West Side

Levain Bakery...worth waiting for

Axelle, Laurel and Reagan patiently waiting

Four cookie choices...plenty for me

Chocolate with Peanut Butter Chips and Chocolate with Chocolate Chips...my favorites
We checked the weather last night and today was going to be our coolest day of the trip. It was a perfect day to go to Central Park. We decided to go in the morning to take advantage of the coolest part of the day. We started our day at Columbus Circle and breakfast in Bouchon Bakery located in the Time Warner Center. After breakfast, we rode the subway up to Central Park and while walking down to the entrance, we ducked into the Museum of Natural History so Reagan could see the dinosaurs in the lobby. We walked a lot in Central Park, passing Bow Bridge and The Boathouse and Bethesda Fountain. We got a little turned around trying to find our way out, but that didn't keep us from our next stop, Levain Bakery. We walked past Strawberry Fields, a memorial to John Lennon and his former home where he was shot on our way to the bakery. Levain Bakery has the biggest, yummiest cookies that I have ever eaten in NYC. If they don't serve them to you warm off the baking sheet, ask for them to be warmed up. Oh my, they are soooo yummy.

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