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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Two New York City: Afternoon and Evening

subway to downtown

Union Square Park

Laurel checking out some funky shoes

Axelle actually tried some on

Ahhh...another favorite in NYC

How could I not love a place with slabs of chocolate sitting out as decorations!

Travis' chocolate martini...it looked better than it tasted

Hot Chocolate Cake with a little frapuccino on the side

Fondue and S'mores with Three dipping sauces

Reagan wasn't interested in dessert until he saw how "interactive" this one was

Three of New York's finest were happy to pose for a pic with our kids

Kate Flanerry from The Office

so proud to have a celebrity autograph

The Empire State Building

The Statue of Liberty in the Harbour

The Chrysler Building hiding behind MetLife

Christy, Reagan, Laurel and Axelle

Jacques Torres, simply the name implies chocolate

a crispy, gooey, dark chocolate chip cookie served warm

The Lego store, a favorite of Reagan

The fountain at Rockefeller Center

La Maison du Chocolat, the best chocolate in the world (or so I've eaten)

Rockefeller Center

St. Patrick's Cathedral

shopping with the girls

a new experience

Pretty good, but it doesn't beat Laduree

wandering the upper east side

Really cool elevator to get down to the Apple Store


Another new experience

all kinds of candy as well as their own line of candy bars

brought these home for later

a long awaited experience. we made reservations in advance for this.

so cute and quirky

the menus were HUGE

Regan's birthday surprise!

the Frozen Hot Chocolate with extra straws....absolutely delicious
After our little snack, we took the subway down to Union Square Park to do a little shopping before lunch. The girls had a great time wandering around in stores before lunch. Lunch was at Max Brenners: Chocolate by the Bald Man. I purposely did not eat much of my cookie(s) so that I could enjoy my lunch (and dessert afterward). Dessert is really my favorite part of the meal there as it always involves chocolate! We had a nice slow lunch and rested our weary feet. It was a good opportunity to take a break because we knew we had a lot more walking to do in the afternoon. After Max Brenner's we went back uptown to Rockefeller Center. Instead of viewing the city from the Empire State Building, as we had originally planned, we opted to view it from the Top of the Rock so we could see the Empire State Building from our viewpoint. Laurel spotted her first celebrity outside of the entrance to the Top of the Rock, Kate Flanerry who plays Meredith Palmer on The Office. Kate took the time to give Laurel an autograph after we quickly scrounged for something for her to write on! The view from the top was a bit hazy, but we could still see things pretty clearly. My favorite view is to see Central Park from way up high, a swath of green in the middle of grey city buildings. On our way out of the building, I just had to stop at Jacques Torres and pick up a chocolate chip cookie. They are reported to be pretty famous and I had never had one before. They live up to their expectations and are completely different from the Levain Bakery cookies. I got a bag of dark chocolate chips and plan to make my own version at home since the recipe is online. Travis and the gang went on to the Lego Store which is across the courtyard and I went around the corner to my favorite chocolate store of all time….Maison du Chocolat. I only get to visit when I am in Paris or New York and their truffles were calling me! We wandered from Rockefeller Center over to F.A.O Schwarz so Reagan and Laurel could dance on the giant piano and then stopped into the Apple Store which was right outside. We were killing time before our reservation for dinner and stopped into the Macaron Cafe and Dylan's Candy Bar on the way. We made a reservation several days in advance with Serendipity 3, home of the Frozen Hot Chocolate. I buy their mix at William Sonoma and drink it with Hallie in the summer. What a treat to try the real thing at it's original spot! We enjoyed our meal and dessert very much and were so full we pretty much rolled out of the restaurant. We rode the subway back in the direction of the hotel, walking the last little bit. It's been a long, full day and tomorrow is more of the same. Until then…..

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