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Saturday, May 30, 2015

New York City: 30th Anniversary Trip Part Two

Today was a wonderfully full day. We started our day with breakfast at our hotel in the little restaurant next door. We have enjoyed our stay at this hotel and the location has been perfect for our traveling on the subway. We traveled downtown this morning to the World Trade Center site.

the new Freedom Tower

Danny had never seen the memorial fountains and none of us had been to the museum. The fountains are located in the footprints of the North and South Towers that were taken down by terrorists on September 11, 2001. It is so hard to believe that it has been so long ago that it happened.

Memorial Fountains

the names of lives lost are cut into metal so they will never wear away

when you see a white rose inserted in a name, that person had a birthday

We were very impressed with the museum and how they handled the display of debris, artifacts, and memorials. There were a couple of "cubbyholes" with tissue placed outside and inside was footage from that day that was very difficult to watch. The one that struck me the most was footage of people jumping or falling from the towers and words that were written by observers. I remember exactly where I was standing as I watched the second tower attacked and I saw that very same footage in the museum. It was horrifying and all of that emotion flooded back as I continued to walk through the museum. I found that I became overwhelmed with the volume of information and it became almost too much to take in. It was the same for everyone else and most of us found ourselves moving quickly through the rest of the exhibits in order to leave. It was just too emotional. Maybe I will handle it better when I go back another time. I know I will go back and possibly concentrate on the parts that I had to move quickly through.

No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time...Virgil

the name of this installment is: Trying to Remember the Color of the Sky on That September Morning. Each of the 2, 983 watercolor tiles is a different shade of color to represent the sky.

The Ladder 3 Fire Truck helped civilians escape from the North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001. Eleven firefighters were killed when the towers collapsed, crushing the vehicle

taking down the Last Column from the rubble

After leaving the museum, we stopped briefly into St. Paul's Cathedral which still stands as a reminder of where the firefighters took refuge and rest in the middle of their rescue efforts.

The new World Trade Center Subway Station under construction

We took the subway to Chelsea Market where we had some fabulous street style tacos at Los Tacos no. 1.

Chelsea Market

Street Tacos

We stopped into The Doughnuttery for teeny tiny doughnuts rolled in flavored sugars and Danny and Travis got some gelato from a gelato spot there.

these were the BEST truffles and we found them in Chelsea Market

Christy and I asked some questions in Eleni's about their nut free facility and Laurie picked up a cupcake from there. I have been craving a cookie from Levain Bakery and everyone indulged my whim with a subway ride to the upper west side. I stood in line for about 15 minutes to get into the tiny bakery and pick up my favorite, a fat chocolate peanut butter chip cookie as big as my hand!

my favorite cookie place in New York City

worth standing in line for!

yum....chocolate cookie with chocolate and peanut butter chips

We took our cookies back to the hotel to rest up for our dinner and "surprise event". Dinner was at Quality Meats, a very yummy and hearty meal. I think everyone enjoyed their meat selections and their side items. My favorite side on our table was the buttered edamame!

all dressed for dinner

watermelon pops

Pork Belly appetizer

We didn't have time for dessert as we needed to get to the "surprise event" and time was running short.

an Uber adventure

We arrived at the event just in time and I was so excited to see that we were attending the play, Finding Neverland.

ready for another 30 years and more!!

I was very disappointed, however, to see that the lead actor Matthew Morrison was out and his understudy was taking the role. He was the main reason I wanted to see the play because I saw him in South Pacific and have followed him on his TV series Glee. But, his understudy did a great job and we were all happy to see that Kelsey Grammar was in house and doing his role. He was great. I think we all would recommend this play to anyone coming to New York City! After the play, we hightailed it to the upper west side to try and get a little dessert at Sugar and Plumm. The website said they were open until 11:30 but when we arrived at 11:15, the door was shut and they had taken up the outside tables. I was disappointed but we found a little ice cream joint a few doors down, Emack and Bolio's, which had some pretty good ice cream. I certainly did not go without sweets on this trip! Tomorrow we head back home. It has been such fun to be surprised and to share it all with such good friends.

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