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Friday, May 29, 2015

New York City: 30th Anniversary Surprise Trip

My surprise welcoming committee complete with Mimosas!

Danny and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this week. Danny has been planning a surprise trip for me since Christmas. I had no idea that he could actually keep it a secret but I honestly had no idea what was in store for me. He told me this week what I should pack and said the weather would be warm. I had to promise not to search around on the weather app trying to figure out where we would going. In my mind, I had ideas, or you could call them wishes, but I really didn't know the actual destination. This morning he told me he had printed off our boarding passes and confirmations, made sure we had luggage tags on our suitcases and said we would eat lunch on the way to the airport which is about 2 hours away. Just shy of an hour out of town he had me get out my phone and set it to video. He then pointed to the upcoming exit which I knew was the exit to the local airport that we fly in and out of on private planes. This was the exit we were about to take, NOT the airport for a commercial flight. He said that my brother in law, Travis, would be our pilot for our trip and of course that meant his wife Christy would be along for the trip too. I was so excited! I love traveling with them! Danny drove our car out to the plane and out of the airport comes Christy AND my friends Sara Beth and Brian Howard!!! Sara Beth was supposed to be in New Orleans!!! They handed me a mimosa to sip on and went to find me a kleenex box to dry my tears of joy. What a surprise that they were coming with us. THEN, to my surprise drives up our friends Andy and Laurie Brister! They were also coming with us. Everyone had been working on this trip for months trying to help Danny plan and all of them were still holding the secret of where we were going.

We took off for our destination. Travis had said it would be a 4 hour flight, but that still didn't give me a clue and everyone else was keeping quiet about where we were going.  Christy fed us grilled chicken caesar salads while we flew. They were yummy!

The gangs all here! Laurie is very scared of flying (in small planes), but she had Sara Beth to distract her from her fears.

Christy prepared a yummy Caesar Salad and Iced Tea for us for lunch on the plane

As we approached our landing, I was looking out of the window trying to figure out where we were going. It wasn't until I saw the skyline and Empire State Building that I knew, New York City! One of my favorite cities to visit and one where any stay has never been long enough.

Travis and Christy and Danny and I received gift baskets from our investor and friend, Philip. Travis and Christy are celebrating an anniversary as well.

we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square at 790 Eighth Avenue

After arriving at the hotel we took a stroll down Times Square to stretch our legs stopping first for a snack at Baked by Melissa. Baked by Melissa is tiny little cupcake tops. I have always wanted to try them and this location was right around the corner from the hotel.

Baked by Melissa...tiny little cupcake tops.

headed to Times Square

Brian and Sara Beth lived in New York before and for some time after they were married so this is home to them.

Celebrating 30 years of marriage!

We had a late dinner at Max Brenners, Chocolate by the Bald Man. This is one of my favorite places but more for the dessert than the dinner. As usual, I was pretty full after dinner, but found some room for a special dessert.

I didn't by this but it sure would come in handy sometimes.

It has been a wonderful surprise and day already. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as I am told there is another big surprise tomorrow evening.

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