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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Macedonia: Day Three

The day started early for Danny and Kyle with another trip out to Krivogastani to work on the playground equipment they are building. This was a project originally intended for an earlier mission team, but travel delays and bad weather affected their ability to work on the project. I got up and walked early this morning and joined Jackie and Daniel for breakfast again. Daniel is still running fever but is getting better. Jackie and I joined Danny and Kyle later in the morning so that we could do touch up painting on the equipment being built. They weren’t as far along as they hoped to be by the time we got there, but we still had plenty to work on. The mayor of the village came with a camera crew for an interview about the project. There are storks everywhere in the little village that nest up high on the power poles. Jackie tells me the mayor would like to encourage tourism to their little village to see the storks. Jackie and I picked up lunch for everyone, chicken steak (chicken breast) sandwiches and Toast (like a ham and cheese panini) and finished our task after lunch. We all came back home in the afternoon because Kyle and Jackie had a meeting in their home. This gave me an opportunity to do laundry and for Danny to work on his lecture that he is giving to a group of businessmen tomorrow. Danny also posted a ministry update and some pictures to facebook. This evening we went to Izgrev, the meeting place that Kyle, Jackie, Jeff, and Amy use for mission outreach activities. They showed a locally produced Macedonian film of young people sharing their Christian testimonies. There were 25 or so in attendance including all of us. The film was in Macedonian without subtitles so Danny and I just watched, but we had an opportunity to fellowship with those in attendance after the film was over. We came back to Kyle and Jackie’s after the fellowship to eat a late supper of our wonderful leftovers and plan tomorrow’s activities. Until tomorrow…

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