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Friday, January 18, 2013

Last Day at Disney

Yummy lunch at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. Not too fond of the brownie with the peanut butter. I will get the one with chocolate frosting in the middle next time.

Beast's Castle for our Be our Guest Meal

the Main Ballroom early in the day was where we ate our meal for supper

If we were eating lunch here, we would order at these stations

we had rose folded napkins

steak and frites

yummy chocolate cupcake

the lemon cupcake was just as delicious as the chocolate

the array of desserts

Beast waiting to entertain his visitors in the study

Sorceror's of the Magic Kingdom
Today was a very relaxing and great way to end our vacation. We slept in a little later this morning and arrived at Magic Kingdom to quite a crowd of people about 10 in the morning. We were surprised that there were so many, but we were just as surprised with the crowds on Wednesday. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, walking on both rides without waits. We pin traded our way around the park and also registered our Sorceror's of the Magic Kingdom card and received additional cards. We left the park to go to Downtown Disney which is difficult to get to when you are in a park. You have to go to a resort and take the Downtown Disney bus from there. We got there by walking to the Contemporary and then taking the bus from there. We ate lunch at Earl of Sandwich which is a favorite of both of us. The line was to the door, but we had read that the line moves fast and it definitely does. We were only in line for about 10 minutes. We wandered and pin traded around Downtown Disney and went back to the Magic Kingdom for an early dinner reservation at Be Our Guest, the newest restaurant there. We were early, and we went to Mickey's Philharmonic which is a 4D movie attraction that I really enjoy. We also played a couple of Sorceror games which are a lot of fun. Dinner at Be Our Guest was magical. We ate in the "ballroom" which is where Belle and the Beast danced. In the middle of dinner, the Beast walks through the ballroom and into the West Wing and then back through the Ballroom to the Study. Once in the Study, he settles to "receive guests" which actually means a photo opportunity with him. We thought it was neat that there is snow falling behind the windows in the Ballroom. We really enjoyed our meal there and the cupcakes for dessert were delicious. We left the park early to avoid crowds after the fireworks. We had a little trouble settling our hotel bill, but all worked out just fine. We are back in our room with our bags packed and ready to head home tomorrow.

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