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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Animal Kingdom

riding in the safari mobile

sweet little baby elephant

this little guy walked right up to our vehicle and took a peek inside...so cool

a rare male lion sighting

this guys related to the zebra

loved these little birds building their nests

animals are carved all over the tree in the center of Animal Kingdom

Flights of Wonder show

our lunch spot...so yummy

Christy's lunch...ribs, chicken, beans, grapes and chocolate mousse. I had carrots instead of beans

Nemo show

The location for the delicious cupcakes...hard to spot

The Circle of Life show

a favorite Hidden Mickey on the ground between Africa and Asia

The last part of the parade. Sad we missed this, but there's always next time. At least we got to see Safari Mickey!

BOMA in the Animal Kingdom Lodge

I really liked the sauce on the left on my beef. Christy like the Boma Mustard

Three kinds of Hummus!

Ahhhhh.....the coconut rice. Delicious!!

loved the chicken!

my first of about three plates.

Tried one of everything on the dessert table. My favorite was the cheesecake in the center. Not a big fan of everything else.

The end result of my pin trading. I found almost all of the new perfume bottles and only lacked two cupcakes from completing the set. Christy found the last perfume bottle for me on the last day after I left. I also finished my flower princesses! Pin trading is one of my new favorite things to do there.
We woke up to a beautiful blue sky today which will make Animal Kingdom a lot more fun. We left in time to be at Animal Kingdom when they opened. We went immediately to Kilimanjaro Safari to get a Fast Pass and then ride it. I thought it was interesting that everyone either went left to Safari or right to the other popular ride in the park, Expedition Everest. Since I am not a fan of roller coasters, we skipped that as well as Kali River Rapids. This made our day a little easier as we weren't trying to squeeze all of those popular rides into the plan.  After the Safari, we walked along the Pangeni Forest Exploration Trail and then went to Flights of Wonder. It is one of my favorite things there as I love a bird show. When we went with our children the last time, it started raining and the show was cancelled. We also saw It's Tough to be a Bug which is a 3D movie that can be a little scary. I think Christy and I both squealed when we got poked in the back as a special effect during the movie. We ate lunch at the Flame Tree BBQ and had some of the BEST BBQ that I have had in a long time. We both had the ribs and chicken combo and substituted our beans and coleslaw for carrots and grapes. We also selected chocolate mousse for our dessert and it was pretty good.  They had a wonderful shaded outdoor dining spot along the water behind the building. It made for a very restful and delightful lunch. We went to the Nemo show which was wonderful. I think it was my favorite thing that we did in the park. The puppetry was amazing! We grabbed our last cupcakes from the Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery. We planned to eat them at the Lion King show, but they wouldn't let us so we had to eat them pretty quickly before we went in. The Festival of the Lion King show is live action and wonderful music. The performers are very talented and it's still a favorite!  We rode the Safari ride again with Fast Pass and we still had some time before the parade so we went to the Maharajah Jungle Trek. At some point, while we were walking through, we completely lost track of time and when we came out, we discovered that we had completely missed the parade!! This was disappointing as it's one of our favorites, but there will always be a next time. This is definitely not my last trip to Disney. We pin traded our way out of Animal Kingdom over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge where we had an early dinner at Boma. It is a buffet with African influence and it was delicious. I think our favorite thing there was the coconut rice and i really liked the chicken and beef. Neither of us liked the desserts very much and I tried every one. This trip has been so much fun and I have really enjoyed spending the time with my sister in law. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Disney, whenever that may be.

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