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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last Day in Paris...Part One

Military in the Metro

walking above ground on the Right Bank

Danny was wanting a crepe really bad. He forgot how hard it was to eat and walk up a gazillion stairs at the same time.

Sacre Coeur

contraband photo once again...shame on Andy

love the gargoyles

an artist at work in Place du Tertre in Montmartre

there were a few artists out

my favorite watercolor artist, Marie Jolann. Laurie bought a picture from her

our lunch spot

another version of Danny's favorite salad, goat cheese on toast

Crab Salad

Quiche Lorraine

this is for Sara Beth...these shoes on a french lady on the metro reminded me of you.

the stairs of the metro stop Cite

Palais Royal

St. Chapelle is located inside Palais Royal

Pont Neuf...first bridge made of stone and the oldest bridge in Paris
The day started with a beautiful blue sky and NO rain! We were so excited! We ate our breakfast of pastries, cheese, fruit, and yogurt and left for the metro to Montmartre and Sacre Couer. While on the first metro, it came to a stop and a female voice came over the intercom saying something in French. Immediately, the majority of the people on the metro train left the train. Danny joked and said, "well I guess all that's left are the people who don't speak French". A gentlemen next to us heard us trying to figure out what we should do and told us that there was a bomb threat and the train would be delayed. He didn't believe it was true and he was staying. We didn't know how long the metro would be inactive, so we exited the station and walked above ground to the next one. When we went down into the metro to get on the next train, we heard from someone that it would still be another 20 min. and there were still military with uzis walking around. We decided that we should just walk up to Montmartre. Sacre Couer sits on the highest point of the city so it was uphill all the way. It wasn't too bad of a walk considering what we had to do in London. Sacre Couer is an all white cathedral at the top of the city. The stone is naturally white because of a mineral that leaches out when it rains. The architecture is very different from some of the other ones we have seen on this trip. I am always disappointed that they don't allow photos to be taken inside. We went to Place du Tertre a couple of blocks over which is the square for the artists. We were concerned that the weather might have kept them all away, but there were several so Andy and Laurie were able to see their work. My favorite artist was there and gave Laurie a discount on a watercolor because I brought her to see her. We ate lunch on the square at Cafe La Boheme and it was delicious! We then went back to the metro and were in luck as it was operational! We rode to Isle de Cite to see Notre Dame. We walked by the entrance to Sainte Chapelle where we were called "stupido Americans" by an irate Italian who was unhappy that Andy stopped in front of him while crossing the street to avoid being hit by a car! The man kept following us and yelling at us and asking if we agreed that he was calling us stupid. We just ignored him and let him go on his way. He had many people watching him and shaking their heads. Sometimes the person who is the most "stupid" is the one doing all the yelling!... continued on next post

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