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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Behind the Scenes

We had a lot of fun today on a tour behind the scenes of Warner Brothers Studio. The tour started with a movie to introduce us to various films and TV shows that are produced by Warner Brothers. After the movie, we boarded a small tram that would take us all over the back lots of Warner Brothers Studio. We saw TV sets from current shows as well as past shows. We had a great tour guide that told us all kinds of interesting information about different soundstages and sets. We drove down make believe streets of homes that had been backdrops for a bunch of movies and shows we had seen before. We saw where Spiderman hung upside down and kissed his lady love. We found out that since the kiss occurred in the rain and he was upside down, that he stuffed his nose with cotton balls and vaseline to keep from drowning! We went inside one of the houses on the lot, which was basically a shell, and we were able to see where lights would have been mounted, how a scene would have been staged, and how a set could be customized to whatever was shooting there. We spent a short amount of time on the TV set of 3 1/2 men and learned what it meant to film with a live audience.  We regretted that we had not checked to see what TV show might have been shooting so we could get audience tickets. We had been told that if we saw any "stars", not to take pictures, or act crazy, or shout at them. As we were driving by the Conan O'Brian soundstage, we saw Conan O'Brian walking our way. Danny recognized him and said "Hi" and Conan lifted his hand and said "Hi" back. It was so cool! We actually saw someone famous!! One of the most famous and easily recognized sets that Warner Bros. had was the set from the TV show Friends. Friends doesn't shoot anymore, but they have preserved the set so people can see what a working set looks like. It is located in the building where crews "check out" props for the different sets they are working on. We all decided that this was the most fun thing we have done on the entire trip! We went back to Hollywood Blvd for lunch and ate a quick meal at a little pizza place. The Wax Museum was included in our Hollywood CityPass, but we had not planned to visit it. Danny thought all the people would be inside cases or behind glass walls and that it would not be interesting. We had a little time to kill so we decided to make a quick run through. We were pleasantly surprised to see that all the exhibits were out on the floor and that you could even touch them (which we didn't). Danny and Hallie had fun posing with some of their favorites. It turned out to be more fun than we thought it would be. The Disney Movie "Tangled" was opening today in the theater it had premiered in two weeks earlier, the El Capitain. We bought tickets for the afternoon show. Watching the movie in this theater was sooooo cool. There was a mini concert on the old organ and a Disney stage show before the film. Tangled is Disney's version of Rapunzel and we thought it was very funny. We had been driving by several interesting looking places on our way to the hotel and decided to check one out for dinner. We realized, on our way to be seated, that we had stumbled upon a gay bar/restaurant for our dinner choice. This one was populated by men. We got a good giggle out of it, enjoyed our meal and left before dessert. Hallie had a great idea to eat dessert back at our hotel, since we had only eaten breakfast in the restaurant. It turned out to be a wonderful idea and dessert was fabulous! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and our last day in L.A. Until tomorrow......

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