I have always enjoyed traveling, even if it meant sleeping in a tent when I was younger. I prefer hotels and cruise cabins now, but the motivation is the same...an adventure waiting to happen. Sometimes you will find me traveling with my husband and/or family. Sometimes I will travel alone, and sometimes I will travel with friends. I hope you find it entertaining to keep up to date with me as I explore the world around me. Warning...I like to take pictures of food so don't read if you're hungry. More adventures await...see ya soon...Amy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

L.A. or Bust!

Our enormous bedroom
the living space of our room....i know it's HUGE
the deepest tub I've ever seen and the fabulous shower
We think it's odd that with such a huge room and bathroom, there is only ONE sink
View to the left of our room
View from our room to the right...Whisky a Go Go, the place where The Doors got their start as well as a few others
A previous credit card of mine had accumulated quite a few air miles that needed to be used so I could cancel the account. That is how we found ourselves in Los Angeles, California today. Hallie had a great start to her college career last year with a 3.8 overall so we let her choose where we would jet off to. Ben is working at a new job and in culinary school so his schedule is not as flexible at the moment. Los Angeles would not have been a first choice for Danny or me, but Hallie said she had never seen the west coast and though L.A. would be fun. Our day of travel was without incident, except for one thing. I had booked the tickets with Continental before they merged with United. We checked into the airport and boarded the plane assuming that our tickets would match our itinerary. Well, imagine our surprise when we checked our tickets in Houston and discovered that we were on the flight that would leave an hour earlier than the one our itinerary showed. This only gave us about 25 minutes to get to our gate in another terminal and snag a lunch. We moved quickly and managed to do both. Danny was able to watch the LSU vs Ole Miss game on the plane with satellite TV located in the seat back. It was really cool! We followed the signs upon exiting the plane for baggage claim. Somehow we managed to go to the wrong baggage claim area and had to exit the airport and re-enter at another terminal. Our bags were the last on the belt, but we got them. We are staying at The London on San Vicente, one block off of Sunset. It's a beautiful hotel with unbelievably large rooms and bathrooms. We dropped our bags off and went for a walk on Sunset to find someplace to eat. The hotel had recommended a steak restaurant, but before we found it, we stopped to check a menu at Mirabelle. A man walking by said it was a great place to eat, so we went inside. The food was really good, and we managed to eat everything before Danny and Hallie almost fell asleep at the table. Going backwards in a couple of time zones is tough. Tomorrow will be our first day to explore. Until then....

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  1. OK! I'm going back to LA just to stay in that hotel!! Are they kidding? Awesome!