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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Arrival in Paris

Breakfast Buffet at Le Lion d'Or

Breakfast at Le Lion d'OR

Edna and Renee's favorite Peach yogurt

The train station in Bayeux

Renee and Edna with Marie-Francoise

Edna and Renee with Marie-Noelle

The Girls

The children of Marguerite with the Saulnier family that came to say goodbye.

The K&K Cayre at the Rue du Bac metro station

our room at the K&K Cayre

Le Saint Germain....our restaurant for lunch

My Caesar salad with chicken

Edna and Renee ate this salad which they said was delicious...toast with goat cheese, tomatoes, a little ham, lettuce and a vinaigrette dressing

The Laduree shop we went to is undergoing renovation

Standing in line in Laduree waiting to select our macarons

My macarons....I should have had a raspberry in there, but I ran out of room!

Laduree always has beautiful window displays

The little Laduree boxes are my favorites

Saint-Germain des Pres

Metro Stop
We love to stop by the fresh markets and look at the produce.

Just wandering the streets

Eglise Saint-Germain des Pres....the oldest church in Paris. Completed in 558 A.D.

We thought is was interesting that someone would want to eat at an American restaurant in Paris

le Relais de l'Entrecote

We were among the first to be seated. The restaurant filled up quickly

Renee and I liked their black and white uniforms

Steak and Frites ready to be served

The dessert menu is all in french

Danny's Flourless Chocolate cake and chocolate ganache
Profiteroles....one of my favorites in France!!
This day began with breakfast at the Lion d'Or. This is always a highlight of any trip to Bayeux, especially for Edna and Renee. They both really like the peach yogurts in the little glass jars and talk about eating it every time we go to Bayeux. Edna was also very pleased to see that they had brioche to toast. She has a very fond memory of Ta Ta Mimi making her brioche toast with preserves when she stayed at their home in the past. Ton Ton Jean, Marie-Francois, and Marie-Noelle came to help us find the train station and to help Danny return the rental car and get back to the train station. We don't know what we would do without our family! Tearful goodbyes were said with promises to return and we boarded the train to Paris. Our trip was uneventful and finding a taxi in Paris was remarkably easy. The traffic was terrible and the taxi ride took quite a bit of time from the train station to our hotel, K&K Cayre. We have stayed in this hotel before and really would have liked to try something new, but many of the hotels that we would have chosen were booked because of a textile market that is happening in Paris this week. We ate lunch at Le Saint-Germain, a restaurant on a corner near the hotel. It was almost 3 p.m. before we sat down for lunch, and we had planned an early dinner so we ate a light lunch. We all ate salads except for Travis who ate an omelette. We had the whole afternoon to wander down Saint-Germain de-Pres and all the little streets that connect to it. For dinner, we ate at Relais de l'Entrecote in the Saint-Germain neighborhood location. It is within walking distance of the hotel. The menu only consists of ONE entree and that is entrecote (rib steak) with a wonderful special sauce and frites (french fries). You are served ½ of your steak and frites and then they bring the other half. The desserts there are my favorite thing and three of us got profiteroles and Danny got the cake of the house which was like a flourless chocolate cake. The restaurant is a very popular place so we arrived at the opening time of 7. When we left, there was a line down the street of people waiting to get in. We walked back to the hotel where we planned an early evening of rest before sightseeing and shopping tomorrow. We are also looking forward to Tom and Anna joining us tomorrow. Until then....

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