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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Camp Friendship-Day Four

Mitch prepared a card for every day that Deanna was away

helping Eugene teach the story

my favorite ice cream...chocolate and chocolate

Maria, (sports) Sasha, and Lori help cut out butterflies...not pictured are Kayla, Deanna, and Joanne...there were a LOT of butterflies

Lunch...see description below

My young friend Liza...such a big heart and eager to serve. She was our 12 year old interpreter for crafts.

Preparing to head out to worship on the hill

My most favorite image of the trip...Worship
Deanna and I with (dark) Sasha, our interpreter that met us at the airport and got us to camp. She was our first introduction to camp fellowship and we couldn't have asked for a more precious, spunky young lady.
Our morning routine has gotten earlier because Deanna rises before all of us. At home she is a night owl but here she is the early bird! Every morning when we shuffle to the showers, we pass Danny's friend, Jeff, who is having his morning devotional. He always has an early morning greeting for us and is the first person we see besides each other. Breakfast this morning was oatmeal porridge with dates. A poptart for me, but Deanna ate it. Crafts started out great except that the butterflies required a lot of scissor cutting and these kids weren't as skilled as ours back home at this age. So this was the first craft that didn't go well. It has become a two day craft. Eugene wanted to tell our story today because he really liked the butterfly puppet we brought. So this morning, I became Eugene's helper. After crafts, Deanna and I spent the rest of the morning in the camp store, after ice cream for me, cutting out butterflies. I found several helpers there too. Lunch today was green borscht which has a lot of parsley in it, and boiled potatoes and a piece of fish on the side. It was pretty good but eating so much hot soup on such hot days makes you really begin to detest soup even if it tastes good. Afternoon crafts has become so popular that we have pulled out all of the beads from the supply cabinet and they are pretty much gone! They also love the Lemon Heads candy that we brought and stuff them in their pockets for later. Afternoon snack today was an orange! I don't even eat oranges and I ate every bit of it with juice dripping down my arm! We spent the afternoon escaping the heat in our room with the fan and cutting out the last of the butterflies. Supper was noodles with bits of chicken and broth. It tasted a lot like my mother in law's chicken noodle casserole without the cheese. There was also coleslaw and cucumber salad. We don't usually get any kind of dessert, but tonight we had these wonderful dark chocolate wafer bars. I plan on looking for more of them while we are in Kiev. After supper, we had worship up on the hill. We began a long trek up the hill with the kids, flags flying before us. It was a pretty long walk and Deanna rode up with Marilyn and Kayla. The sun was getting low in the sky and the view from the top was amazing! Steve, from North Monroe Baptist, gave the message and we sang worship songs. It was a beautiful way to end the day but the day wasn't over. When we got back to camp, we took a break until 8:30 and then we went to our usual worship place to watch skits put on by the different dorms. Each dorm had one and by the time all of the girl's dorms had finished, we knew we were so tired, we couldn't wait for the boys. It was funny though to see Jesus and Peter walk on the water to the tune of The Titanic. We were so sweaty and nasty today that Deanna, Joanne, and I decided to shower before bed. It felt so incredible, we didn't know why we had not done it every night! It's 11:00 and we are ready for bed.

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